MAAP-IR R1 V2.0.0.19

MAAP-IR is a seamless artificial intelligence microorganism identification solution package that is easily implemented in small-to-large scaled clinical microbiology laboratories. With access to the MAAP-IR software, users can identify over 20 clinically relevant species including Shigella species under 5 minutes

Sample are prepared using standard microbiology culturing techniques for culturing microorganisms on culture agar media.

Directly from culture agar media, without any sample treatment, ATR-FTIR spectra are collected by depositing a sample onto the sampling surface

Acquired ATR-FTIR spectra are uploaded into MAAP-IR for microorganism identification using 

Results are viewed through the MAAP-IR software and are accessible through the web browser and secure login credentials. PDF reports of the results can be generated, viewed, downloaded and printed.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Easy-to-interpret results
  • Multiple available microorganism libraries
  • Identify top 10 clinically isolated microorganisms
  • Ability to identify Shigella species from Escherichia coli
  • Ability to identify Candida auris
  • And many more…