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Marianne Ismail, CEO of Microbira had the opportunity to open the Diagnostics Pipeline Corner at the annual European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) held in Denmark. The ECCMID Diagnostics Pipeline Corner is a popular session type for small and medium-sized enterprises globally to showcase their ongoing research and products. Marianne presented the latest version of Microbira Advanced Analytical Platform – Infrared (MAAP-IR) and results from our ongoing collaboration with NHS North East Innovation Lab and other laboratories.

OCC: We worked alongside Microbira to successfully deliver an enhanced web application of their existing researcher toolkit.

“From the time Microbira was introduced to OCC by our Clinical Consulting Company, the team at OCC grasped our project needs immediately. We wanted a reputable company that would be familiar with clinical software development and process from the lab to commercialisation with the required regulatory approvals.”

Scientists at a Newcastle laboratory have played a key role in supporting the development of a new test which could use artificial intelligence to detect microbes that cause illnesses like Strep A and E. coli.

The team at the North East Innovation Lab – part of the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust – have been working with firm Microbira Ltd to help test the company’s predictive software which can work out what infections may be afflicting a patient. The lab team have been helping to expand the data used by the software.

The Microbira project supports new artificial intelligence techniques to diagnose infection and improve patient outcomes.

The system uses artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly detect and identify infective microorganisms such as bacteria and clinical yeasts which cause human infection and disease.

Examples include E. coli O157 which can cause outbreaks of sickness after consumption of contaminated food/water…